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Your Brand with the 2011 Golden Brand Award

Karali Tea was deemed worthy of the 'Golden Brand of the Year' award given to companies that respect consumers and increase their brand reputation.

The Association for the Protection of All Consumers measured the interest in the brand in the Tea Products sector by conducting a research among the member consumers. In terms of quality, the research was based on discretion. Karali Tea, one of the giant companies of the Turkish tea industry, was among the most admired and preferred brands last year.

Mustafa Karali, Chairman of the Board of Directors, received the Golden Brand award on behalf of Karali Tea at a ceremony organized by the Protection of All Consumers Association. Karali made a statement here; “As Karali Tea family, our goal since 1989 is quality product policy. We have never compromised on this issue. We continue to move forward with fast and sure steps with our motto, Karali Tea, the King of Tea. This award we received gave us strength. We will always prioritize customer satisfaction with our quality.”