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Vision and Mission

As the KARALI TEA family, the indispensable principle of our company is customer satisfaction. The perfect palate offered to the consumer by the natural black Turkish tea we produce for the continuity of this satisfaction is one of the elements we trust.

Our company, which is in the tea sector, takes into account the market demands and acts with a business policy based on efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our quality, which is the guarantee of our consumers' taste, is provided by considering technical principles in parallel with agricultural policies. We are happy to produce quality products as a result of the production we maintain with the high-quality level we have achieved.

In addition, our company is proud to be environmentally friendly. In this direction, it continues its activities by taking all measures against factors that may cause human health and environmental pollution.

We must increase our productivity by organizing all our resources and manpower in the light of scientific principles. This efficiency and compliance give us an increasing market share. This enables us to take firm steps forward as a strong company that gives confidence and satisfaction to its employees.