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Our quality policy

As the first choice that attaches importance to healthy living and quality at every stage from production to consumption, 

To comply with customer requirements by adhering to the principles of quality and food safety within the framework of customer orientation in the triangle of state-company-customer in our company, which manufactures and sells tea products, 

By following the technology, developments and changes,

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by using high-tech equipment and infrastructure,

Quality and product safety; To ensure continuity and improvement by following, evaluating and applying technological and scientific developments,

To produce safe and quality food based on ethical values and in accordance with the principle of transparency,

To ensure that food safety is sustainable and traceable due to its role in the food chain, 

To continue the activities of our company by taking environmental responsibilities and human rights responsibilities into account,

Providing the necessary resources for infrastructure, personnel and customer service,

To work in the integrity of respect, love and self-sacrifice; is to create a strong, educated, qualified and equipped team that produces quality work, thinks proactively and takes preventive measures without making mistakes.